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Molly has been recording events and her thoughts about our life in the woods since we moved to West Virginia in 1991. The Journals themselves are handwritten in spiralbound notebooks. [see an original page from a Journal] When a notebook becomes full, another is started — the Journals are not formal in character.

We’ve selected some entries from the Journals from the years 1991, 1992, 1994 and 1995 and present them here in two forms. One is a print version with few graphics which presents the text alone. The other form is an online “chapbook” with a web page for each Journal entry.

A Short Description of the Contents

October 26, 1991
We prepare the shack for habitation
Carpentry and yard work followed by a dinner in the beautiful outdoors. A visit by some guys we know.

November 5, 1991
We work to get warm
Cold weather gives us much incentive for insulating the shack. We scout for forest fires.

November 15, 1991
Our one-month anniversary of coming to the woods
George and Molly gather firewood. Molly herds cats while George puts a porch on the shack.

November 23, 1991
Eek, a mouse!
We work on the privy. Molly enjoys life. George is surprised by Snowy.

December 16, 1991
Junior helps us
Our neighbor Junior gets us unstuck by pulling us up the big hill.

February 26, 1992
Forging and musing
George forges. Molly muses about making language strong.

February 16, 1994
George and Socks clear the garden. George finishes a bowl of wood. Molly makes steel towel racks. We move things from storage and find favorite books.

May 10, 1994
Big solar eclipse
What happens when a solar eclipse changes the woods.

November 14, 1994
Tool shed takes shape
George works on the tool shed. Molly whines about deadlines. Socks and Viva enjoy the day.

February 20, 1995
Crocuses and conversation
Animals sing, crocuses bloom, we discuss desire.

Maarch 14, 1995
A day of metalworking
George makes a coin and an experimental piece. I make steel pieces.

March 15, 1995
The woods and the world beyond
George compares Newt Gingrich to Sir Issac Newton. Birds accompany me on my walk to the mailbox.

March 24, 1995
A dream, daffodils and using our skills
We practice metalworking and printing skills.

April 7, 1995
Sox’s birthday
Sox enjoys birthday treats. We work in the garden and shop.

April 16, 1995
Our walk into the hollow
We go with Winstanley into the hollow and behold beauty all about us.

Print version of the Journal.

Molly asks that you do not reproduce items from her Journal in print or on the Web without prior permission. Thanks!