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When Socks was very ill she still liked to go on walks. One of her favorite spots became a frog pond, a place we’d never seen her go to before. She would stand and look and dabble her paw in the water as if to call the frogs out and tell them spring would come soon. I had looked at the pond before, but had never “seen” it until I stood with Socks on those visits. I discovered a place of mystery and beauty. A year later, again in February, I returned to the pond with a camera to try to capture some of that mystery and beauty, reminding myself to see the light . . . remember to see the light.

See the Pond.

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The Seasons
We’ve collected some photographs to show the four seasons in our woods.

Socks’ Frog Pond
Some photos taken during the late winter.

The Great Morel Hunt
tells about Molly's and George's hunt for the Great Morel Forest, a semi-mythical place briefly seen in Spring 2000. We attempt to find it again.