The Great Morel Hunt leaf graphic

Last year we stumbled upon the semi-mythical Great Morel Forest. That’s a place in the woods where morels, a tasty mushroom — Molly’s favorite, grow so thickly that it is almost impossible to walk for tripping over them.

We were hunting in the early spring in a new spot near some large old poplars. We found a few mushrooms and filled our already heavy bags, then looked up and saw a spot with so many mushrooms it was like being in Hollywood’s version of reality. It was too much. Molly was amazed and started to pick mushrooms (she gasped and cried out first), but we already had enough (more than enough) and with a calmness that belied our true state decided to come back again.

We did go back a few days later and all the mushrooms were gone.

So with eagerness, we looked forward to this spring and renewed hunting.

Begin the hunt for the Great Morel Forest


The Seasons
We’ve collected some photographs to show the four seasons in our woods.

Socks’ Frog Pond
Some photos taken during the late winter.

The Great Morel Hunt
tells about Molly's and George's hunt for the Great Morel Forest, a semi-mythical place briefly seen in Spring 2000. We attempt to find it again.