Studies by Fernow Scientists

Three important reports by scientists at the Fernow Experimental Forest have been published which deal with issues related to drilling the well in the forest and resultant effects on the environment.

Effects of Development of a Natural Gas Well and Associated Pipeline on the Natural and Scientific Resources of the Fernow Experimental Forest by Mary Beth Adams, Pamela J. Edwards, W. Mark Ford, Joshua B. Johnson, Thomas M. Schuler, Melissa Thomas-Van Gundy, and Frederica Wood. This impotant report deals with the overall environmental effects along with the more specific effects of land application of waste fluids.

Land Application of Hydrofracturing Fluids Damages a Deciduous Forest Stand in West Virginia by Mary Beth Adams. This paper examines tree mortality after land application and related soil concentrations of chloride and other ions.

Chloride Concentration Gradients in Tank-Stored Hydraulic Fracturing Fluids Following Flowback by Pamela J. Edwards, Linda L. Tracy, and William K. Wilson. This report follows study of hydraulic fracturing flowback after a second fracturing of the well in the Fernow Experimental Forest. Scientists were able to demonstrate chloride concentrations vary according to depth in a flowback tank. Similar concentration gradients would exist within a pit making location of sample collection for determining overall chloride concentration an important issue.


What Happened at Fernow

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What Happened at Fernow
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