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We make several sizes of grips, ranging from cabinet to door. We took photographs while making some cabinet grips to show the process.

The principle for making a grip is the same, no matter the size.

See how a grip is made.

Let us know if the information is (or is not) clear, if there is too much, or too little, and if you would like to see more sections on the site about things that are made in Molly’s shop.


Making a Latch
is a description, with photos, of the steps we go through to make a Suffolk Latch.

Making a Hinge
is a description, like Making a Latch, that shows the steps we go through to make a Butterfly Hinge.

Making a Grip
shows the process for making a Cabinet Grip.

Blacksmith's Blog Posts
collects posts we created for the Horton Brasses blog in 2010 and 2011. There's information about the shop, what we make and how we make it, including links to two videos.

Tools of the Trade
shows some of the tools in Molly’s blacksmith shop.

Making a Living
describes how we became blacksmiths.

Glossary of Blacksmithing Terms
is linked to various words that are not commonly known by non-smiths throughout this section of the site.