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Two years after purchasing the land, we started to build the structures that would make up our farm. We have three main buildings: house, shop and shack. We also have three secondary buildings: a garden shed, a tool shed and the privy.

winter scene with buildings

All of the buildings have been raised by us alone. We haven’t been able to afford hiring experienced carpenters or contractors. Each building is different, we learn something each time and try out new ways of doing things on the next structure. We started with the shack in 1986. We then built the shop in 1987. The house was started in 1989. After moving out to the woods in 1991 we built the privy in that same year. The tool shed and garden sheds were built several years later.

For some of the buildings we kept a photographic record while we were working. Others no photographs were taken during the process.

This section of the site will slowly grow as we begin to add pages on each building, explaining how it was built and why, and how it has held up over the years. We also hope to add pages showing how we construct our own window frames inexpensively and about other things we things relating to our buildings.

A short series of photographs show the Shack being built.

Another short series of photographs showing the Shop being built.

Some photographs of the House shortly after we moved in.


Living Off the Grid
A description of what we do in order to live without electricity and running water.

Making a Living

is a quick look at some of our cat buddies over the years.

Photographs of the Shack, Shop and House as they were built.

The Christmas Truck
Molly wrote this story in 2000.

The Mystery Jar
We take a look at the Mystery Jar, is the label or the contents more important?