The Spill at Buckeye Creek

Photographs of the Spill, part 3

This group of photographs continues to show some of the contamination along with remediation work. The photographs were taken between 25 August and 2 September.

Another photograph of clotted pollution left behind as the creek's water level dropped over time.

The well operator's workers were in the creek doing remediation without wearing any protective gear.

The "EPA lists certain wastes containing TPH as hazardous" according to the ATDSR Public Health Statement for TPH.

Remediation involved several different phases. The first phase was the placement of booms immediately followed by the use of a vac truck to suck up pollution (two hoses for which are visible here). Square white filters were used and then Sphag-sorb.

On the banks, crew members used leaf blowers to blow contaminated debris back into the creek or into piles to be bagged.

This and the next photograph were taken downstream beyond the last boom (where the Oil and Gas inspector determined there had been no contamination). While the contamination is not as severe as upstream, it is still evident here, in a supposedly unaffected part of the creek.

The sheen that was visible upstream was also visible downstream in the supposedly uncontaminated part of the creek.

After remediation was completed, the booms were left on the banks of the creek for several weeks.

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The Spill at Buckeye Creek

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