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Bad Well Bad Well Bad Well

About half of the wells we examine that have condensate storage tanks don't have proper secondary containment. State regulation (35CSR1.7) and, in some cases, federal regulation (40CFR112) requires this.

The wells discussed in this video (47-079-00570, 47-079-00583, 47-079-00735) are all near the Pocatalico River in Putnam county. We've drawn the state's Office of Oil and Gas' attention to these wells starting in January 2009.

The problems we've seen in our area aren't particular to a single bad operator, nor are the problems limited to this part of the state. This new well on Buckeye Creek in Doddridge county, is in the north of the state. The red tank (partially obscured by trees to the left) doesn't have secondary containment. The operator also ignored state requirements for sediment control.


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