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Drilling Causing Problems in Wetzel County, West Virginia

There's been a surge in the number of wells drilled in Wetzel county in northwest West Virginia. These are primarily horizontal Marcellus wells. The Wetzel County Action Group has documented some of the problems the area's residents have encountered, including damaged roadways, air pollution, and water pollution.

This is the full interview Bonnie Hall gave for us during the West Virginians for a Moratorium on Marcellus ( rally at the capitol in July 2011. A part of this interview was also used for our Bottled Water video

The problems Bonnie is describing have been repeated across the state: pollution of groundwater attributable to drilling, inability of the state to find operators in violation, inadequate solutions offered by operators, and the cluster of effects drilling has on communities (decreased commercial activity, impaired health of citizens, and poisoned groundwater).

New regulations proposed by the state's Department of Environmental Protection do not deal in any way with these issues nor their causes.

Bonnie says in the interview that the natural gas well is 6,000 feet from her home. In West Virginia, residences more than 1,000 feet in distance are assumed to not be affected by drilling, even though horizontal legs of wells can be a mile long underground.

One of the substances Bonnie says in her interview that was found in her water, acrylonitrile (not the acrylonitrate she misstates), is used sometimes in drilling and fracturing wells. It is also used as a fumigant.

Bonnie knew she had problems when her horses refused to drink the water from the tank in their barn.


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