Site Revision

I’ve made changes to most of the website so that it displays properly on cellphones and pads as well as computer monitors and laptops. In most cases this only meant revising the size of images and how they display. Images will now be larger on screens.

Changes are still being made and if anyone has problems reading the type on small screens or has other issues, please contact me.

The major section that has not been changed is that devoted to oil and gas — Gas Well Study. I’m completely revising that part of the site, including major changes to content.

Spring, the Garden and Roads

Every season here has its special beauty but spring, maybe because of the rampant abundance of growth, the season always stands out.

We still have logs in the the garden area, pines which had fallen years before. After cutting up three logs with the chainsaw in March, I hauled the logs away in April and mowed that spot. When spring came the barren expanse was filled with ferns and Solomon seals. Strangely, when I mowed the garden for the first time this year, most of the new growth was gone, eaten by deer or killed by the hot weather and direct sun.

After a wind storm some poplar flowers were on the grown. It’s easy to see why they were called tulip poplars.

We’re done cutting firewood and it’s stacked by the roads ready to bring in next autumn.

Everything is green now when a couple of months ago it was shades of tan and brown. This is a view down one of the roads in our woods.

I mow the garden area every other week in the spring and summer. The yard, because of all the shade, is mowed just once a month. Most of the yard is covered with moss rather than grass, like here. The patches of sunlight are so bright. This is part of the yard at the edge, where yard turns into woods.

A lot of April was hot, and then May was cool. We were using the woodstove the week before Memorial Day weekend. It’s warmed up, but since we’re in shade now, it’s cooler for us than out in the open.


New Blog Layout

I have adapted a new theme for our blog so the look is a little different than before. The WordPress theme is designed so that the blog will display well on different devices, ranging from cellphones to desktop monitors. Our whole site will eventually have the same appearance and display functionality though it does not use WordPress.

One of the things I have done is to discontinue the ability for readers to comment. We were getting so many spam comments that in the end it just made sense to discontinue commenting.

I hope visitors approve of the cosmetic changes to our blog!

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