Bobo’s Passing

Bobo passed away quietly early Tuesday morning, October 11th. He was in his spot between us, his head on a pillow. He’s been such an important part of our lives since 2000 that it’s hard to write this, even a month later.

He made it through last winter and even at the end had an amazing spirit. This photo was taken on Sunday when we were out in the “old” garden. We miss him.

The other cats have reorganized their lives without him relatively painlessly. Little Peach Blossom has discovered a new place to go to in the house. She likes to walk from the loft, on the beams above the kitchen, to either the bookshelf above the sink where Molly keeps some of her cookbooks or to a child’s chair hanging high overhead.

Before we started this version of Sootypaws News it was entirely on our website. You can still see the old pages from years ago. There are lots of photos of Bobo, too.

More soon!

November 24, 2011