The Solar Shed

We’ve been working on our solar shed. This has meant expanding the garden area to bring in more light by cutting more trees. A side benefit is the new raised bed we’ve made outside the fenced garden area. We’re trying to grow potatoes in the new bed this year.

The shed is small. The roof will provide support for the solar panel(s). Molly will have space to store her tools close to the garden. And there will be space in the shed for the solar stuff — charge controller, batteries, inverter, etc.


This shows the framework for the shed. It stands to the north of the garden (that’s the garden gate to the left behind the shed).


In this photo we’ve finished putting up the siding and there are shingles on the roof of the shed. Molly wants to paint the shed bright yellow ochre with crimson trim. You can see the shed will have two windows (one to the south and one to the west). The white and blue barrels hold water for the garden during the summer.


The shed stands to the left and the fenced garden is behind Molly to the east. A large pine fell and has been cut up but not hauled away yet. We have a lot of dead pines to remove from the expanded garden area. We used pine logs for the sides of the potato bed.


Molly cut two deep furrows in the soil of the garden bed and is using wood chips as markers for where to plant the seed potatoes.


Here Molly is placing a seed potato in the furrow.


Molly immediately covered the seed potato with mulch, filling the furrow. The mulch is composted leaves raked in the yard in 2012. Even though it’s been hot and dry (into the 70s and mid-80s), the mulch has kept moisture in the furrow. The nice thing about mulch is if things start to get dry we just add more and we have lots!

We’ll keep you posted on how the garden shed project is going and the potatoes.


April 20, 2014