Solar Shed Update

We have begun the process of connecting the house to the solar shed.  The first stage has been to dig a ditch over 200 feet long between the shed and the blacksmith shop.


That’s the shed in the distance on the other side of a bit of woods. It took two days to dig the ditch by hand for the cables. There was no way we could have used a ditch witch to do this.


We’d cleared a path through the woods last fall — cutting and removing parts of fallen trees and clipping all the briars. The path to the shed zigzags a little because of all the trees. Since we will be using inexpensive inverters which only have 15 amp outlets we are running three separate cables, each for a 15 amp circuit. One circuit will be for lighting and other purposes (such as charging cell phones) in the main part of the house; the second circuit will be in the addition. The third circuit will eventually be used, when we upgrade the system, for a small refrigerator. The cable has 8 gauge wire because of the distance.


Near the road we ran the ditch near two large hickory trees. We excavated under the roots rather than cutting them. Several of the roots were quite large. We ran the cable through a piece of plastic pipe under the drive from the ATV shed.


We crossed the road just north of the garden and ran the cables under a second piece of pipe there. A piece of plywood covers the ditch so people could use the road. Rick and Kevin were staying at the camp near us this week so they could tap maple trees and harvest sap.

The ditch is filled in now but there’s still a lot of work to do. We’ll be putting in boxes for the cable in the shed and in the shop. And we then need to run cables from the shop to the house. And there’s still a lot of work to do wiring the lights and outlets in the house.

March 19, 2015