March in Like a Lion

March this year came in for us like a lion with a windstorm that blew over a number of trees, some across roads in our woods. Molly from our home saw one large pine go down.


This was a large (about 24 inches diameter at chest height) pine that blew down during the March 1 storm. The trunk is visible to the right. This is the road that goes toward our southeast boundary, past the road to the Sheep Rocks.


The trunk of the tree lay across the road with parts of the top and other small trees on the road beyond.


This is the view from the other direction, back toward our home. We started cutting from this side to clear the road.


Clearing the branches means entering the tangle with a chain saw and being very, very careful.


We cut the trunk into 4 foot long sections and it took both of us to roll the heavy pieces off the road. The sections were so thick we had to cut from both sides — the bar on the largest chainsaw we use is 18 inches long.


This is the view of the cleared branches and stuff toward home. We spent about 3 hours clearing this section of the road. Downed trees on the county line road took another two mornings to clear. One of those trees what a large white oak so we were able to get some firewood out of this. We can’t burn pine, but the piles of limbs make good animal habitat.

March 10, 2017