Autumnal 2

A huge transformation takes place in the woods each spring and fall. In the spring leaves appear and the woods’ primary colors changes from browns to greens. In the fall, the primary colors change again from a whole range of greens, oranges, and reds to brown again.

For us we have these new fall colors on the trees around us and underfoot.

At first the colors are primarily yellows and browns on the ground with moss showing through. The browns get darker and reds start to appear.

Eventually all the leaves are on the ground and we are kept busy raking and hauling leaves to compost piles.

All the raking tends to keep our eyes to the ground in our yard. Walking in the woods, it’s different. This photo was taken from down in the hollow looking up at our ridge.

Not all the leaves fall. Beech trees retain their leaves until spring. When this photo was taken the beech leaves had turned yellow. Now they are brown.

After leaves start to fall we begin to see the sky at our home. The phases of the moon at night. Sunsets at nightfall.

November 26, 2021