Tapping Maple Trees

We tapped three maple trees near our home yesterday. We made maple syrup for the first time last year. It was a lot easier to do than we thought it would be and was lots of fun.

Drilling for a maple sugar tap.

You can see how close the trees are to our home. This tree is much the smallest of the three.

Water jug used for holding syrup

After the hole is drilled a spile is gently hammered in. The spile is a metal tube which acts as a spout for the sap. We wire a plastic jug that we’ve cut a hole in to the spile.

Metal spile and jug

This last photo shows the metal spile with the wire holding the jug to it.

This tree hasn’t produced much yet. One of the trees we tapped yesterday has already produced a gallon of sap. We keep a large pan on our wood stove filled with sap which slowly evaporates. Most of the sap is water. Periodically we’ll take the concentrated sap and boil it down to make syrup. Evaporating on the wood stove saves lots of time.

New Blog for Sootypaws

We started a blog for Sootypaws in 2008 but haven’t updated it since 2012. It’s become increasingly hard for us with dialup to access a number of websites, including our own blog for making posts. So, with the new website we’re going to host the blog here.

We’ll keep everyone posted with what we’re up to on the website. And hopefully posts will be more frequent since this is an interface that Molly finds easy to use also.