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Crocuses and conversation
Animals sing, crocuses bloom, we discuss desire.

Monday, February 20, 1995

Last night I was outside at about 3:30. There was the strangest noise that I’ve ever heard. I think it was an animal song. It was a sequence of percussive thrumming followed by a voice sound that was very musical. It was faint & faraway.

This is the day that the first yellow crocuses started to bloom. George saw them first and pointed them out to me.

George heard a bunch of middle class ($60,000+ a year) white males on the radio complaining how they are being discriminated against by all the people of color and women who are getting all the jobs and have all the resources at their disposal. What percentage of the people who hear that are going to believe it? NPR needs to get a loud bullshit detector.

Viva being brushedGeorge said that he found some Situationist books & was looking at them. We started talking about desires — a big part of the Situationist thought, as I understand it, is the establishment of desires as a basis for reality. Sox was on George’s lap & George said to her, “Sox, as an animal who only goes by instinct, how is it that you have desires? You should be just as happy in a little cat cage as you are sitting on my lap.” I said, “Yes, that is exactly the perfect argument!* You’re so pithy!” George said, “Yeah, and my farts stink, too.”

*against all sorts of “civilizing” influences - schools, work, churches, meetings, etc.

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