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Sox’s birthday
Sox enjoys birthday treats. We work in the garden and shop.

leaf art

Friday, April 7, 1995

I think Sox has had a good birthday. She had sardines for breakfast (not Viva’s and Winstanley’s favorite), cheese for lunch, & spaghetti for dinner. The weather was warm & somewhat sunny, so it was a good cat-going-out day. (Now I hear dogs barking outside & Viva’s out there; so I’m concerned, but Viva’s good at hiding. She’s probably under the shack.)

photo of garden

We started out this morning by working in the garden.* George mowed while I slowly dug one fence posthole. Then I went to work in the shop & George dug 3 holes. We put up the net & I took a break from blacksmithing long enough to help George move the fence-post logs into position in their holes.

I finally completed all the long s-hooks for the 4 big potracks & 7 leaf pot racks. I think I’ve thought of a simple jig to use for those.

George spent the afternoon bending hooks. We talked about some design ideas he has had. We’re trying to think of simple-to-make-knick-knacks that could retail for under $20. George pointed out that hardly ever do you see a blacksmith driving a new vehicle.

We had a nice spaghetti dinner when George returned from doing a battery run to Mary’s. Then, after dinner we were nauseated to learn that chairman Gingretch would be speaking on public radio tonight. Our radio went off fast.

*First we moved a lot of logs around.


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