Molly’s Journals

Junior helps us
Our neighbor Junior gets us unstuck by pulling us up the big hill.

leaf art

Monday, December 16th, 1991

photo of muddy road   

The momentous part of the day began at about 5 p.m. when Junior came to the shop to tell us that he had his truck ready to pull our truck up the hill. We went with him and saw his truck (which he’d vowed never to take back that far on the lane, we learned later) backed up — all the way down the hill, mind you — to our truck. He hooked us up with a chain & I started spinning my tires, but going nowhere. George was sitting in the back of Junior’s truck. He signaled for us to stop — the chain had come loose. Junior said oops! He’d had his truck in 2 wheel, not 4 wheel drive. He told me to put our truck in low. I said “There is no low. We have forward and backward.” Junior looked astonished. Then I told him that it’s a KOA truck. He slapped his knee, laughed, and said “I hear you!” Well, we got chained up again and all took our places. Then we went, willy-nilly, sideways, bumpety bump up the hill. I couldn’t see where the ruts were & couldn’t really steer, just was pulled along behind Junior’s stalwart truck and a hanging-on-tightly George. George said I looked funny driving up the hill, steering wildly with big eyes and a wide-open mouth. I think he looked about the same riding up the hill, on the brink of being tossed from the truck bed into the tops of the pine trees.

George gave me filing lessons this afternoon. We’re making carving knives for wood carving.

Sox had trouble walking tonight. I hope that she’s healthy.

It’s cold tonight, but warm & lovely in here. Today is Beethoven day & we heard Eroica on the radio.


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