Molly’s Journals

Eek, a mouse!
We work on the privy. Molly enjoys life. George is surprised by Snowy.

leaf art

Saturday, November 23rd, 1991

Today the sun came out. Not in the morning, which was nearly as dull as the weather of the past few days, but in the afternoon. The sunshine was warm & made me feel happy.

George & I worked on the privy. I feel privileged to be among those people who know that a privy is a luxury.

I keep experiencing “hereness” — the knowledge & awareness that I am alive now — I am here & nowhere else. One such moment occurred tonight. George was on the ladder. I looked up & saw him framed by light purple evening sky and black tree branches, felt the autumn chilliness on my face & my legs (no long johns) & joyfully knew that I am here.

We finished our bedtime snack of popcorn & are talking about getting a 50 lb. bag of it from Sam’s (guess we like it!)

Snowy & Friend are sleeping. Sox is out in the wind & full moon. — An item just remembered: This morning George came out to see if I wanted him to carry breakfast dishes from the camper to the shack. Snowy was sitting demurely by the path. George went to her to give her a pat. Suddenly, under his foot he heard a loud “Eek, eek!” Snowy had caught a mouse & had been playing with it before she ate it! Poor George, he stepped right on the mouse. What a way to greet the morning.

(There was a drawing by Molly proceeding this Journal entry.)

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