Molly’s Journals

A day of metalworking
George makes a coin and an experimental piece. I make steel pieces.

leaf art

March 14, 1995, Tuesday

photo of moon at night   

The moonlight is making everything blue outside. Viva looks like a fairy cat sitting on the porch step.

It was warm again today. George kicked Sox & Viva out of the shack this morning & sprayed the floor with Precor to kill flea eggs.

George made a stamping using the hydraulic press, a small sheet of copper, and a partly-formed brass jump ring. It gives us ideas for all kinds of things we could do.

My forge work today went really well. I finished forging the 2nd toilet paper holder & made 9 long, twisted S-hooks, plus two drive hooks & an S-hook. I believe I’ve learned much about forge work in the past year.

George showed me how to make a coin using very simple equipment. It’s exciting; I want to make some.

George went to get the mail tonight & came back with a knapsack and a bookbag full of books. I feel like the motto on Daria’s friend’s sweatshirt: “So many books, so little time.”

Daria’s cat, Ferrett, had three babies. Daria called Mary yesterday. That’s the best kind of grandchildren to have. They let you read books (at least sometimes) and don’t cost much to educate.


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