Molly’s Journals

George and Sox clear the garden. George finishes a bowl of wood. Molly makes steel towel racks. We move things from storage and find favorite books.

leaf art

Wednesday, February 16, 1994

I finished the leaf racks this morning. I was thinking “This is a lot of work for not much money.” Then I thought of Nelda’s having to put up with Mrs. Parson’s nasty personality all day & night. I decided that blacksmithing wasn’t too much work after all.

George finished his “fruit bowl dreaming” bowl (it’s a pomegranate bowl, he says). It looks suave and spunky.

We went this afternoon, through the sunshine and warm air, to Mary’s where we unstuck the van, took the metal railing that was in it out, and packed it with boxes of things from the barn. We visited with Mary, who is all excited about getting a Bernina sewing machine, then drove the van up the hill.

George found a lot of his books & has been showing them to me tonight.

Sox went outside & helped George clear the garden of brush & small trees this morning. She looked nice sitting on logs with her fur glistening in the sunlight.

George got his first copy of Art in America.


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