Molly’s Journals

A dream, daffodils and using our skills
We practice metalworking and printing skills.

leaf art

Friday, March 24, 1995

I had a dream last night that Taj had a girlfriend who was a feminist. It’s Hans’ birthday, but I can’t remember what year he was born in. 1974? 1973?

We had a cool sunny day. The daffodils are at their most lavish.

We went out to the shop about 10 & began repairing the hood of my forge, a project requiring both forging and oxyacetalyne welding. I have fun doing stuff like that, although it’s nerve-wracking, too, since learning how to do new skills always puts me in a tizzy. But, I think the welds I made are my best ones yet.

George used some of the plastic he got from Daniel Smith Co and cut a block for printing with his linoleum-cutting tools. That was exciting to see. I hope I can make one sometime. (I hope I can make many more than one.)

There are bright stars in the dark, dark sky tonight. I go outside & forget to stop staring and come inside.


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